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Piece by Piece Therapeutics

Families Finding Solutions One Piece at a Time

Welcome to Piece by Piece Therapeutics

      Piece by Piece Therapeutics provides behavioral health services to individuals, families and children. It is our belief that every family is unique and therefore every person is treated in a unique way. We acknowledge that each person is an expert on their own life, and are in the best place to determine the solutions. Sometimes people just need a safe place and some support to discover what those solutions are. All services are provided in a safe and nonjudgmental environment and are confidential. In the office, we offer client- centered or behavioral interventions as decided by the practitioner and the family. Children's services are always play based with behavioral aspects as needed.

     Sandra Van Nest, LCSW has worked with families and children facing a variety of situations. She has a Masters in Social Work with additional training and experience in Play Therapy (including Sand Tray), DIR/Floortime, Sensory Integration Techniques and Applied Behavior Analysis interventions. Sandra is a Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University, advancing the knowledge of mind and body connection, sensory processing, and attachment theory. Sandra uses all of the information that she has learned to create an eclectic service plan that best fits the clients that she sees.

      A variety of behavioral health services are available to meet the client's individual needs. Sandra is available for behavioral consultations, marriage and family counseling, individual therapy for siblings of children with special needs and more. 

Piece by Piece Therapeutics

(908) 625-4479

Kimberly McGrath Maki, MS, LAC believes that we all have within us the tools we need to grow and change. She strives to make each therapy session a safe place to look at the aspects of oneself which are sometimes hidden, and if left unexplored, can become stumbling blocks. It is her goal to provide clients with an atmosphere of respect, warmth, and humor.

Kimberly has experience working with people dealing with a variety of mental health diagnoses, as well as issues around relationships, family, parenting, and addiction. She is a Licensed Associate Counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.