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Piece by Piece Therapeutics

Families Finding Solutions One Piece at a Time

Individual Counseling for Adults

Piece by Piece Therapeutics offers individual counseling for adults facing the ups and downs of life. A counseling plan is formed at intake that may center around short term work on a specific problem or longer term, and therefore deeper, look at a situation.

Play Therapy for Children

Piece by Piece Therapeutics offers individual play therapy for children aged 4 years and up. Play therapy facilitates a child's ability to cope with stresses like divorce, bullying, anxiety and loss. As children grow and are more able to articulate concerns, play is used to put a child at ease and facilitates the ability to open up in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Family Therapy for Families that

include a Child with Special Needs

Piece by Piece Therapeutics offers a comprehensive program to families including a child with special needs. Each family receives a combination of office and home visits to suit the individual family needs. A three month commitment is needed to fully benefit from this program. Families will be offered individual parenting sessions, marriage counseling, sibling support and home based play therapy. Behavioral consultations are available as needed.

Behavior Consultations

Piece by Piece Therapeutics will provide behavior consultations in your home or out in your community. These consultations will assist parents learning why certain behaviors arise and how to combat them. Parents are given real world strategies that help decrease difficult behavior and increase positive behavior if followed through consistently by parents. Play based sessions are fun for the child and encourage connection between the child and his or her parents and world.

Parent Support

Sometimes, a client comes into the office and says "I'm just not the person (or parent) that I want to be." In these cases, short term life or parent coaching is needed just to figure out what is getting in the way of fulfilling a dream or being the parent that you wish your children had. These sessions are reality based and solution focused. Clients leave each session with a plan for the week and tangible options of how to face every day stresses.

Art Therapy

We have art therapy groups for children and adults. Please call the office for details of ongoing groups and upcoming events.

Individual and Group Therapy for Teens

Our staff is aware of the complicated lives that today's teens lead. Individual and Group sessions are available for teens. Parents are involved in the process with separate parent sessions focused on learning the full picture of a teen's life.

Piece by Piece Therapeutics

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